The Devil's in the Details

We're currently picking up any and all tidbits that could inspire the branding and graphics package for the Mattei's Tavern project (current logo design above), and I think this package by KURO collective for the A Cowboy's Dream hotel is pretty awesome.

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It goes way beyond a good logo and printed materials... they incorporate textures and objects that fit with the look of the hotel, like the wooden door tags, burlap grain sacks to hold toiletries, cast-iron skillet, and flask.

The skillet is brilliant.

Love these brown glass bottles for the toiletries that look like they are from an old apothecary...

A comprehensive package like this can lay the foundation for a cohesive identity for a property. We want to make sure all the details, from room numbers, to key fobs, to menus, have a specific identity like this.

Also, as a side note, one thing we want to get exactly right is a picnic set people can take on hikes, so we're constantly looking for cool bags and details, and I just came across these cool wooden utensils...

Utensils from Sprout Home via Happy Lady Eats, and Cowboy's Dream materials found on Pixels & Arrows


  1. You turned up on my Mattei's watch....I like the ideas and look forward to seeing the completed branding project.



  2. Matt! That's so cool! Thanks for checking it out...


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