Girl Crush >> Emmanuelle Alt >> Who knew she had an absurdly cute daughter??

I posted this pic above of Emmanuelle Alt a while ago, and ever since I've noticed that in every single picture I see of her, she looks unbearably cool.  This really isn't any surprise given that she's head of Vogue Paris, but I like that she isn't super-trendy or all dressed up all the time.  Usually just a tshirt or sweater with jeans and a great jacket... just casual, a little rough/tough around the edges, but still very chic, with an effortlessness about the whole thing. 

Anyway, then I saw these pics of her daughter, and I almost died.

I want one just like her.

 Cuffed jeans, trench, striped tee, and flats?  Seriously?  Does Emmanuelle dress her or is that just genetically inherited style right there?  Either way, I don't care, I want to steal her.  She couldn't get ANY cuter.


  1. Awwww ADORABLE! Like mother, like daughter I guess.


  2. Welp, the good news is that you look pretty similar to that beautiful, brunette little girl... maybe she will be what yours look like one day after all.

  3. I second chloe´s comment. Like mother like daughter.


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