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Beautiful image, no?  As I get ready to move to San Francisco, I'm filing away little ideas to get a head start on dealing with the reality that I probably will not have the giant closets that Santa Barbara apartments have spoiled me with.  

The styling here is lovely, and suggests that if your luggage and footwear are beautiful, and you don't have a lot of closet space, why not just display them nicely? 

If you style your belongings that belong in the closet as though your apartment were a store, artfully arranging pieces, mixing clothing items in with other kinds of things, and keeping it all very tidy, I think you can get away with it. 

At least, I think this looks a lot more appealing than those plastic Bed, Bath, & Beyond storage numbers that are best suited for a dorm room.  (I'm not going to go on a rant here about B,B,&B b/c they do have many useful things, but the overwhelming masses of plaaastic (frosted plastic! pastel plastic! hot pink plastic!) in the place makes my skin crawl.)

LOVE the shoes all lined up in this pretty glass-front cabinet above, and the image below shoes a similar idea.  Why not use normal furniture as shoe/bag/jewelry storage?

Speaking of which, what ever happened to a good old-fashioned armoire for storing hanging clothes?

In addition to just shoes, bags, and jewelry, Jenna Lyons shows us that you can store clothes in plain sight with a basic garment rack...

Now, this is a little unfair considering the goals of this post because a) it belongs to Jenna Lyons and she might actually be an alchemist, and more importantly, b) this isn't a case of clothes stored in plain sight due to space restrictions, as in, they're-in-her-bedroom-because-her-closet-is-too-small, this IS her closet ("dressing room").  

However, I still submit this for your consideration, because you can just pretend this is in her bedroom, and you realize it would be very simple to pull off this look.  The only thing that gets too unruly here are the shoes, and luckily, I don't have a pair of heels in every color of the rainbow plus animal prints, so I probably won't have to worry about shoes overtaking my room like this.

Another lovely garment rack example.  Just keep it tidy and it looks fine.  

Like Jenna's dressing room, this is not actually an example of someone storing their clothes in their room because their closet is too small, this is actually the Billy Reid store in Florence, Alabama.  But it's still great inspiration for what styling can do!  

Moral of the story, I think if you have to store clothes in your room, you should just pretend your room is a boutique and that you're trying to make the merchandise look as appealing as possible!

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