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I love these RSAnimate films.  I can't get enough.  I think I could watch these and TED talks all day long.  Speaking of changing education paradigms, maybe there could be degree programs based entirely on educating oneself through these lectures?  We might as well be learning from the experts at the tops of their respective fields, right?

Anyway, have you heard of "divergent thinking"?  It basically means thinking outside the box-- creative problem solving.  So this test was developed to measure people's abilities in "divergent thinking," and when the test was administered to kindergartners, guess how many qualified as what the test considered "genius level"?  98%.  Ninety-eight percent!  And guess how many qualified as genius level after five, and then ten years of education?  Watch and find out...

It's one of many fascinating things explained in this eleven minute discussion of why the metrics that our education system is based on are setting our schools up for failure.  

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