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This new "billboard" installation at the US-Candadian border advertises... nothing.  Well, nothing but clean air, that is.  Making a strong statement through an obvious absence, the sculpture is meant to pay homage to, and promote the value of, something very hard to capture: the beauty of fresh, clean air.

As one of its designers explained:
"Borrowing the effectiveness of billboards to redirect attention away from the landscape... this permanently open aperture between nations works to frame nothing more than a clear view of the changing atmospheric conditions beyond."

Made of a tangle of steel rods, the piece was designed by Lead Pencil Studio, a firm that blends art and architecture, and you'll absolutely NEVER guess who it was commissioned by.  The federal government.  More info after the jump...

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From Fast Co.:

How the installation came about: Lead Pencil Studio was shortlisted for a project to design public art at a new northern-border control station through the GSA's Design Excellence program. The concept had to go through two rounds of approval, and Mihalyo insists the jury was "excited about the proposal from the start and the second round involved only small refinements and pragmatic issues."

Article on Fast Co. here.

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