Art in the Workplace

We could use more of it, don't you think? I am loving all of these traditional offices with all of their different uses of art-- propped, hung gallery style, statement piece....

Don't you think the art in these offices is suggestive of a broader attitude towards the office itself for these people? It seems to imply such care, whereas usually I think the home office ends up sort of a barren afterthought. I'd be much more likely to sit down a pay bills if I had a space like this...

Peter Dunham.

Katie Leede.

Can't remember whose apartment this is, but I loved that she had put her office in her closet/dressing room. I might do that too, if I had a dressing room in my apartment. Or an office, for that matter. I LOVE the combination of unexpected elements in this room... chocolate lacquered wall, baroque desk, hot pink, leopard and zebra coexisting. It gives the room such personality b/c it really does look like she just kept buying things she loved and made them work together. If this is the fabulous treatment her office received, aren't you dying to see what treasures fill the rest of the house?

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