Call of the Wild

I've just started gathering visual inspiration for our next project, which is going to be in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and I thought I'd share some images of the amazing architecture I've come across. It is a smattering of different modern vernaculars, but I find all of them so interesting for the ways they interact with their surroundings.

Rather than a big house plopped on a plot of land, these seem to have a dialogue with the landscape. Don't get me wrong, I am an absolute lover of traditional architecture, but there is a level of engagement with the land achieved by these out-of-the-box modern styles that traditional architecture falls short on. Stellenbosch has incredible natural beauty, so we want to choose a style of architecture that leads you to notice the drama of the land.

Sometimes this can be achieved through a more subtle, minimal style of architecture, and sometimes, it seems, something that is just totally different from our everyday visual repertoire is able to make you stop and reconsider everything around you.

Wingardh Architects:
Love the huge sliding doors, the way the water comes right up to the building, and whatever those crazy vine door/shutter things are adjacent to the water!!

Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff Architects

Lake Flato Architects:

And my favorite of all... Turnbull Griffin Haesloop:

For more information and portfolio pictures, visit these architects' websites. They have interesting information with each project about how they chose the style of architecture and the layout of the building or buildings on the property given views, winds, sunlight, weather, etc... it's quite interesting!

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  1. You mentioned somewhere that nobody reads your blog. Now delete my comment and know that someone just did :)

    These images of South Africa leave me a little envious because I was supposed to move to Cape Town about 6 months ago.


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