Withdrawing Room

Just came back across this photo of a study by Robert Passal in one of my files and wanted to share. I just love it! The paint color, the ceiling, the long banquette, the art, the bar tray on console, the sophisticated use of animal print...

Actually, is it a study? The prepared table throws me off. I think, in fact, it could be a drawing room! Did you know that the phrase drawing room originated as "withdrawing room," is it was a room used to withdraw with guests for more privacy?

Also, did you know the English have terms for multiple different kinds of reception rooms, including a "morning room"? A morning room typically had an eastern exposure and was used for daytime guests.

My sister has a similar room, which she named herself, that she calls the "coffee room." It's a fantastic little room only big enough for four comfy chairs facing each other and an ottoman in the middle, and it has one wall of windows facing the garden and three walls of beautiful paneling. They really do use it for coffee, and I have become convinced that every house should have such a cozy little room to enjoy the morning. It's not even attached to the kitchen, which I think is ideal because it is situated calmly away from all frenzied morning activity. I, for one, have a hard time slowing down in the mornings, but such a room could entice me to do so.

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