Two For the Road

I recently watched Two For the Road and couldn't get enough of the styling and visuals-- the colors, the outfits, the scenery, the cars, it's all pretty much perfect. It's the kind of movie that makes you want to live IN it. Interestingly, Design*Sponge featured the movie on their "Living In" column, which shows you how to give your home the same style of the movie, as though you were... living in it. I absolutely love the feature. Below, the blog equivalent of a "retweet," with images from their post, as well as more stills I grabbed off the netflix.

I love a good old document. And I love that there used to be passports for couples!

An awesome British racing green car and belted trench never hurt anyone's look. Also notice plaid suitcase with leather trim.

Love the sneakers, they're like my fave Bensimons! The preppy classic button-up + sweater doesn't look so staid with cute sneaks + sexy hair.

A very pretty picnic.

Red, white, and blue = a classic combo. Those American flag makers knew what they were doing. Although, they probably just copied the French and British. Also, why can't cars still be painted with these one-tone pure lacquer colors? Rather than like, pearlescent glittery colors?

I even like the canvas bag in the foreground with the leather straps.

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