Haute Colonialism

I have a general obsession with campaign-style everything, and my colleague Jill just turned me on to this French company, Starbay, that does awesome campaign-inspired furniture. I think we'll have a few light campaign touches on the Los Olivos project, like a few campy (camp-like, not kitschy) folding campaign chairs with either leather or canvas seats, but the South Africa project is where I'm really hoping we can put some of these pieces center stage.

Of course you can't go over the top since the safari-theme is already WAY overdone there, but a few pieces with historical reference here and there? Come on. This is where safari was born, you can't not.

Who says you need hunting boots? He killed that thing in those white dress shoes. The linen suit, on the other hand, was pure practicality-- it kept him cool!

Click the jump for the rest...

Travelling light is for losers.

You can see why it was handy that all that stuff folded up into a box/trunk-like shape!
Old travel photographs are from another favorite - Melville and Moon.

Here are the Starbay products...

Obsessed with this bar-in-a-trunk. Two of my favorite things: an in-home bar, and a trunk. Comes in croc, rattan, or canvas.

This is a chest of drawers! Real drawers!

Love the pull-out chair that fits right in when it's all closed up.

You can just fold it all up and then it's totally portable so you can take it with you and just put on your makeup right outside your office building!

Who doesn't need a fold-out bar on the deck of their yacht? Sometimes it just takes waaay too much effort to go inside to retrive a drink. Especially when you're midway through a midday stogie.

It sounds like I'm hating, but I seriously love this stuff. Their editorial shots are just sort of asking for it though.

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